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Contributor, The Catholic Mom's Prayer Companion: A Book of Daily Reflections, ed. Lisa Hendey and Sarah Reinhard. Ave Maria Press, August 2016.

The Virtuous Jane Austen: Short Reflections on Character, 2015.



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Prayer & Spiritual Life

Becoming Innocent Through the Renewal of Our Minds, Women in the New Evangelization, 2016.

Dawn Eden on allowing God to heal our memories, Catholic World Report, 2016.

Blessed Are You Book Club: Persecution, Women In the New Evangelization, 2016.

Something for Everyone: Living the Dominican Four Pillars, Integrated Catholic Life, 2016.

Saying, "God Loves You!" Isn't Just for Lazy Catholics, Aleteia, 2016.

Scruples and Moderation: Understanding the Advice of St. Ignatius of Loyola, Integrated Catholic Life, 2016.

Scrupulosity---A Beginner's Guide, Integrated Catholic Life, 2016.

The Scrupulous Mother: Symptoms and Suggestions, CatholicMom.com, 2016.

Six Tips for Being a Mary-Like Conversationalist, CatholicMom.com, 2015.

Ten Years a Catholic, Ten Years with Mary, CatholicMom.com, 2014.

Who Is This Jesus? CatholicMom.com, 2014.

Social Justice and the Saints, CatholicMom.com, 2013.

Au Revoir, Perfectionism: How Becoming a Kid Again Helped Me Learn French, CatholicMom.com, 2013.

Mary and the Mystery of Theosis, CatholicMom.com, 2013.

Faith in What? CatholicMom.com, 2012.

10 Rosary Tips for Rosary Strugglers, CatholicMom.com, 2012.

Home & Family Life

Things I'm Scrupulous About, Vol. 1: Arguing With My Husband, CatholicMom.com, 2016.

Scaling Mt. Laundry, Crowdsourcing-Style: Twelve Tips for Getting Laundry Under Control, From People Other Than Myself, CatholicMom.com, 2016.

Dishes: Choosing Between Heaven and Hell, CatholicMom.com, 2014.

Meatless Friday: Carrot Salad, CatholicMom.com, 2014.

Meatless Friday: Quick and Easy Nut-Free Hummus, CatholicMom.com, 2014.

You Are Their Everything, CatholicMom.com, 2014.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Eleven Tips for Spicing Up Your Marriage, CatholicMom.com, 2013.

Keep Calm and Carry On, CatholicMom.com, 2012.

St. Benedict for Postpartum Moms, CatholicMom.com, 2012.

Photo Friday: Winter Wonder, Holland.org, 2014.

Preschool Adventures at the Critter Barn, Holland.org, 2013.


Blessed Are You Book Club: Chapter 8, Persecution, Women in the New Evangelization, 2016.

Book Notes: Joyful Witnesses to Today's World, CatholicMom.com, 2016.

Book Notes: Faith Beginnings: Family Nurturing From Birth Through Preschool, CatholicMom.com, 2015.

Product Review: This Work-at-Home, Stay-at-Home Mom's Favorite Organizational Planner, CatholicMom.com, 2015.

Book Review: Loved as I Am, CatholicMom.com, 2015.

The Grace of No: Chapter 7 {Grace of Yes Book Club}, CatholicMom.com, 2014.

Book Review: A Daughter’s Love: Thomas More and His Dearest Meg, CatholicMom.com, 2014.

Feasting Our Way Through the Church Year, CatholicMom.com, 2014.

Secrets from Heaven: Glory Stories Release Their Newest, the Story of Fatima, CatholicMom.com, 2014.

Two New Releases from the Makers of the Beginner's Bible, CatholicMom.com, 2013.

Review: O Radiant Dawn: 5-Minute Prayers Around the Advent Wreath, CatholicMom.com, 2012.

Culture & Arts

Of Fairy Tales and Vampires: A Conversation with Novelist Karen Ullo, Catholic World Report, 2017.

Book Notes: Interview with Bestselling Christian Author Roseanna M. White, CatholicMom.com, 2017.

Spontaneous Storytelling with Children, Part 1: A Lost Art?, CatholicMom.com, 2013.

Spontaneous Storytelling with Children, Part 2: Creation and Receptivity, CatholicMom.com, 2013.

Spontaneous Storytelling with Children, Part 3: On Receptive Children, CatholicMom.com, 2013.

Spontaneous Storytelling with Children, Part 4: Literary Devices, CatholicMom.com, 2013.

Sticks, Snow, and the Delight of Being, CatholicMom.com, 2012.

De Pree Gallery Disegno Series Features Michigan Artist Sarah Lindley, Holland.org, 2014.

News & Current Events

Helpful Resource for Avoiding Goods Produced by Child and Forced Labor, CatholicMom.com, 2014.

World View Wednesdays: Ongoing Conflict and Probable Genocide in Central African Republic, CatholicMom.com, 2014.

Graphic Design

Tech Talk: Review of Canva for Work, CatholicMom.com, 2015.

Tech Talk: Start Readers Reading By Designing With the "Z", CatholicMom.com, 2015.

Social Media Images Hack: Make Facebook and Pinterest Graphics Without Reinventing the Wheel, CatholicMom.com, 2015.


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