When Blogging Isn't Dead

For the past several months I have clung to the idea that blogging is dead and that I have moved on. In an effort a few years ago to simplify and maintain privacy, I shut down my personal blog. And six months ago I laid my last blog, Real Housekeeping, to rest: twenty hours of work a week and a team of women promoting it couldn't save Real Housekeeping from stagnation.

People have moved on, I thought. There's no point to any of this anymore. Who wants to read one more thing from one more random website?

Then I read this and my perspective shifted. It's one of those posts: that which must be written because the story is a gift to the world.

This is why bloggers blog. I knew it as soon as I read the post. 

Laura's many years of faithful writing laid the foundation for sharing a message of hope. She could not have anticipated what she would one day write, but when the day presented itself, the blog was there, waiting for her.

So who am I to say that blogging is dead?

All this to say, I'm back.